‘Couples in Trouble’ by Robbie Fulks at 20

Calling Couples in Trouble a “left-turn” in the career of Robbie Fulks would be accurate, but not particularly useful, as his entire discography is comprised of left-turns. One can make a few connections—the irreverently reverent country of 1996’s Country Love Songs got a sequel in the following year’s South Mouth, and the sparse, traditional bluegrass-folkContinue reading “‘Couples in Trouble’ by Robbie Fulks at 20”

New Playlist: July 2021

We’re back! The latest edition of the Rosy Overdrive monthly playlist covers the songs I enjoyed listening to in July. Plenty of new music here, but also a higher proportion of “archival” selections than the last couple of months—I’ve finished my 1991 deep dive and I’ve moved onto 1996, so there are several selections fromContinue reading “New Playlist: July 2021”

My 100 Favorite Albums from 2020 (Part 2 of 4)

View Part 1 here. Frankie Valet – Waterfowl Release date: February 7th Record label: It Takes Time Records Genre: Bedroom/garage punk/rock/pop Pull track: Engulfed Synopsis: This is one of those exciting albums by young bands where they’re throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall and you’re just along for the ride. There’s the dreamContinue reading “My 100 Favorite Albums from 2020 (Part 2 of 4)”