Pressing Concerns: Heavenly, Pigeon Pit, Daisies, The Ashenden Papers

Welcome to Pressing Concerns! Today’s issue touches on two vinyl reissues from Heavenly and Pigeon Pit and two new albums from Daisies and The Ashenden Papers. Every record here is either from an Olympia, Washington band or has some kind of connection to Olympia, so that’s kind of neat! If you’re looking for more newContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: Heavenly, Pigeon Pit, Daisies, The Ashenden Papers”

New Playlist: January 2022

Rosy Overdrive’s January overview is going up a week into February, but that’s pretty par for the course, and one can’t rush perfection. Or playlists. There are fewer songs on this one, mostly because two of them push ten minutes, and the December/January playlists are always a little weird, but there’s no dip in qualityContinue reading “New Playlist: January 2022”