New Playlist: January 2022

Rosy Overdrive’s January overview is going up a week into February, but that’s pretty par for the course, and one can’t rush perfection. Or playlists. There are fewer songs on this one, mostly because two of them push ten minutes, and the December/January playlists are always a little weird, but there’s no dip in qualityContinue reading “New Playlist: January 2022”

Pressing Concerns: Jeff Tobias, Artsick, Patrick Brayer, Party’z

It’s late-stage January, so let’s get on with what music 2022’s had to offer so far already. The first Pressing Concerns of the new year hits on new records from Jeff Tobias (Sunwatchers, Modern Nature), Artsick (Burnt Palms, Lunchbox, Boyracer), and Patrick Brayer, and the debut EP from Party’z (Kittyhawk). If you’re looking for moreContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: Jeff Tobias, Artsick, Patrick Brayer, Party’z”