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If you’d like me to hear something that you or someone you know/represent made, you’re welcome to contact me by emailing thewaistandtheknees@gmail.com. Right now, the easiest way for me to listen to music in advance is mp3s, so (especially if you’re sending a full album) include those if you want it to get more attention. I also do listen to all physical media (CDs/records more frequently, but tapes also work)–send me an email if you’d be interested in sending me music in that way. If you have a lyric sheet for music you want me to hear (assuming it’s got lyrics), it would be appreciated because I like to have the words in front of me.

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If you like what you’re reading on Rosy Overdrive and want to support its further existence, I have recently set up a Ko-fi page where you can tip the author of this blog. I expect nothing and Rosy Overdrive will continue to exist regardless; but if you’d like to see Rosy Overdrive update more regularly, or add more features, or just want me to be compensated in some way for the work I put into this, that’s a way to tell me/do that. But really, the best thing you can do is spread the word around. Tell a friend who you think would also like Rosy Overdrive, share a post, any and all is appreciated.

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