Pressing Concerns: Emperor X, ‘Suggested Improvements to Transportation Infrastructure in the Northeast Corridor’

Release date: March 9thRecord label: Self-releasedGenre: Lo-fi indie rock, folk punk, electro-folk, experimental rockFormats: Digital When Emperor X released The Lakes of Zones B and C (one of my favorite albums of 2022) last year, it was Chad Matheny’s first full-length record in about half a decade. Those who follow Matheny and Emperor X closely,Continue reading “Pressing Concerns: Emperor X, ‘Suggested Improvements to Transportation Infrastructure in the Northeast Corridor’”

Pressing Concerns: Mister Goblin, ‘Bunny’

Release date: April 22ndRecord label: Exploding in SoundGenre: Post-hardcore, alt-rock, indie folkFormats: Vinyl, digital This was supposed to be alt-country week on Pressing Concerns (and we’ll still get to it), but I cannot ignore Bunny any longer. The third Mister Goblin full-length record comes a little more than a year after 2021’s Four People inContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: Mister Goblin, ‘Bunny’”

‘Couples in Trouble’ by Robbie Fulks at 20

Calling Couples in Trouble a “left-turn” in the career of Robbie Fulks would be accurate, but not particularly useful, as his entire discography is comprised of left-turns. One can make a few connections—the irreverently reverent country of 1996’s Country Love Songs got a sequel in the following year’s South Mouth, and the sparse, traditional bluegrass-folkContinue reading “‘Couples in Trouble’ by Robbie Fulks at 20”

Pressing Concerns: St. Lenox, ‘Ten Songs of Worship and Praise for Our Tumultuous Times’

Release date: June 11thRecord label: Don Giovanni/AnywayGenre: Indie popFormats: Vinyl, digitalPull track: Kroger Twilight Despite catering to a portion of American culture that is more prone than others to vent about “political correctness” and “cancel culture”, the contemporary Christian music industry certainly has very strict rules about what can be marketed as “Christian music” andContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: St. Lenox, ‘Ten Songs of Worship and Praise for Our Tumultuous Times’”

Pressing Concerns: Guided by Voices, ‘Earth Man Blues’

Release date: April 30thRecord label: GBV, Inc.Genre: Power pop, post-punkFormats: Vinyl, CD, digitalPull track: How Can a Plumb Be Perfected? When Guided by Voices announced a new album made up of “rejected songs” at the beginning of this year, I thought it was destined to go down as a minor release in their heady catalog,Continue reading “Pressing Concerns: Guided by Voices, ‘Earth Man Blues’”

Pressing Concerns: Eleventh Dream Day, ‘Since Grazed’

Release date: April 2nd (digital), August 7th (physical)Record label: Comedy Minus OneGenre: Indie goddamn rockFormats: Vinyl, digitalPull track: Since Grazed Eleventh Dream Day have carried on. They spawned from the 1980s indie underground in the surprisingly fertile musical hotbed of Louisville, Kentucky. They survived the nineties and its alt-rock major label gold rush, coming awayContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: Eleventh Dream Day, ‘Since Grazed’”

Pressing Concerns: Writhing Squares, ‘Chart for the Solution’

Release date: March 26thRecord label: Trouble in MindGenre: Space rock, psychedelic prog rockFormats: Vinyl, CD, digitalPull track: Geisterwaltz If phrases like “space rock odyssey”, “modern prog rock double LP”, and “psychedelic saxophone” pique your interest, then this Pressing Concerns is for you. Chart for the Solution earns all these descriptors, and more, over its 71-minuteContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: Writhing Squares, ‘Chart for the Solution’”

Pressing Concerns: John Sharkey III, ‘Shoot Out the Speed Cameras’

Release date: March 5thRecord label: 12XU/MistletoneGenre: Gothic country folkFormats: Vinyl, digitalPull track: I Found Everyone This Way Apparently it’s John Sharkey III Week at Rosy Overdrive—one of his bands, Dark Blue, was featured on a playlist post that went up Monday, and now I’m getting around to talking about Shoot Out the Cameras, the firstContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: John Sharkey III, ‘Shoot Out the Speed Cameras’”