Pressing Concerns: Soft on Crime, The Men, Rock Against Bush, Equipment Pointed Ankh

Welcome to the first Pressing Concerns of February! Today, we’re looking at new albums from Soft on Crime, The Men, and Equipment Pointed Ankh, as well as a split release featuring Wish Kit, New You, Mo Troper, and Gnawing. Rosy Overdrive’s January 2023 Playlist went up earlier this week, so check that out as wellContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: Soft on Crime, The Men, Rock Against Bush, Equipment Pointed Ankh”

Rosy Overdrive’s Top 25 EPs of 2022

You’re probably still making your way through Rosy Overdrive’s to Top 100 Albums of 2022, I know–but there were plenty of good EPs to come out this year, as well! Just like last year, I’ve put together a shorter but still substantial list of my twenty-five favorites for you all to check out. The EPContinue reading “Rosy Overdrive’s Top 25 EPs of 2022”

New Playlist: July 2022

The Rosy Overdrive July 2022 playlist is here! A host of new music (but previously-touched on and thus far untouched on the blog), some selections from my 1980 exploration, and a couple random tunes, as always. Lee Bains III + The Glory Fires, Friendship, New You, Fox Japan, Gordon M. Phillips, and Perennial all haveContinue reading “New Playlist: July 2022”

Pressing Concerns: Gordon M. Phillips, New You, Nina Nastasia, Ben Woods

New music? Yes! This week’s Pressing Concerns looks at new albums from Gordon M. Phillips, Nina Nastasia, and Ben Woods, and a new EP from New You. If you’re still looking for more new music, you can browse previous editions of Pressing Concerns or visit the site directory. Gordon M. Phillips – Seasonal Release date: July 22ndRecord label:Continue reading “Pressing Concerns: Gordon M. Phillips, New You, Nina Nastasia, Ben Woods”

New Playlist: July 2021

We’re back! The latest edition of the Rosy Overdrive monthly playlist covers the songs I enjoyed listening to in July. Plenty of new music here, but also a higher proportion of “archival” selections than the last couple of months—I’ve finished my 1991 deep dive and I’ve moved onto 1996, so there are several selections fromContinue reading “New Playlist: July 2021”