Rosy Overdrive’s Top 25 EPs of 2022

You’re probably still making your way through Rosy Overdrive’s to Top 100 Albums of 2022, I know–but there were plenty of good EPs to come out this year, as well! Just like last year, I’ve put together a shorter but still substantial list of my twenty-five favorites for you all to check out. The EPContinue reading “Rosy Overdrive’s Top 25 EPs of 2022”

Pressing Concerns: Under the Bridge, Patches, Posmic, Eyelids

Today’s edition of Pressing Concerns looks at Skep Wax‘s various-artist compilation Under the Bridge, as well as new records from Patches, Posmic, and Eyelids. This is a great issue for anyone who enjoys pop music. If you’re looking for more new music, you can browse previous editions of Pressing Concerns or visit the site directory.Continue reading “Pressing Concerns: Under the Bridge, Patches, Posmic, Eyelids”