Rosy Overdrive’s Top 25 EPs of 2021

2021 was a great EP year, by my estimation. Maybe it’s because the pandemic made EPs more practical vis-à-vis full-lengths to release than normal, maybe because I’m more in touch with smaller (and thus more likely to release EPs) bands than normal this year, but I liked a lot of EPs this year. I choseContinue reading “Rosy Overdrive’s Top 25 EPs of 2021”

Rosy Overdrive’s Top 100 Albums of 2021 (75-51)

Part two of the Rosy Overdrive year-end list! All the pertinent info (not that there is much, I mean, it’s a year-end list from a music blog) is in part one. See also:Part One (100-76)Part Three (50-26)Part Four (25-1)Spotify playlist of all the selections available on streaming 75. Mope City – Within the Walls ReleaseContinue reading “Rosy Overdrive’s Top 100 Albums of 2021 (75-51)”

New Playlist: July 2021

We’re back! The latest edition of the Rosy Overdrive monthly playlist covers the songs I enjoyed listening to in July. Plenty of new music here, but also a higher proportion of “archival” selections than the last couple of months—I’ve finished my 1991 deep dive and I’ve moved onto 1996, so there are several selections fromContinue reading “New Playlist: July 2021”

Pressing Concerns: Guided by Voices, ‘Earth Man Blues’

Release date: April 30thRecord label: GBV, Inc.Genre: Power pop, post-punkFormats: Vinyl, CD, digitalPull track: How Can a Plumb Be Perfected? When Guided by Voices announced a new album made up of “rejected songs” at the beginning of this year, I thought it was destined to go down as a minor release in their heady catalog,Continue reading “Pressing Concerns: Guided by Voices, ‘Earth Man Blues’”

New Playlist: January 2021

Good morning/afternoon, readers. I am back with again with my monthly exorcism of all the music I absorbed over the past 31 days. January was very much a month of transition—with regards to what music I was listening to, I mean. In terms of new releases, you’ll find some 2020 stragglers as well as brandContinue reading “New Playlist: January 2021”

Pressing Concerns: Tucker Riggleman & The Cheap Dates, Subsonic Eye, Palberta, Dave Scanlon, Cub Scout Bowling Pins, Kiwi Jr.

The first month of 2021 is about to be wrapped up, and I’m back to tell you about the albums I enjoyed the most over the past few weeks. In this installment of Pressing Concerns, I review the debut LP of Tucker Riggleman & The Cheap Dates, Kiwi Jr.‘s avoidance of the sophomore slump, left-turnContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: Tucker Riggleman & The Cheap Dates, Subsonic Eye, Palberta, Dave Scanlon, Cub Scout Bowling Pins, Kiwi Jr.”