Rosy Overdrive’s Top 100 Albums of 2021 (25-1)

Hello, readers! This is it–the final twenty-five records in Rosy Overdrive’s 100 favorites of the year. More context can be found in the first post if needed, but let me just say: these albums are all phenomenal. I loved more records this year than any other in a long time, and these 25 I lovedContinue reading “Rosy Overdrive’s Top 100 Albums of 2021 (25-1)”

Pressing Concerns: Antietam, Weak Signal, Mt. Oriander, Gypsum

Another week, another edition of Pressing Concerns. This week, we look at a tribute record inspired by Wink O’Bannon featuring Antietam plus a wide cast of guests,  the re-released Weak Signal sophomore album, the debut EP from Mt. Oriander (Keith Latinen from Empire! Empire! I Was a Lonely Estate and Parting) and the first GypsumContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: Antietam, Weak Signal, Mt. Oriander, Gypsum”

Rosy Overdrive’s Top 40 Albums of 2021 So Far (Part 2 of 2)

If you’re only just now joining us: this is part two of my list of my favorite forty albums of 2021 thus far, presented in reverse alphabetical order. Thanks for reading! View part one of the list here. Listen to/follow a playlist of these albums here. Kiwi Jr. – Cooler Returns Release date: January 22nd RecordContinue reading “Rosy Overdrive’s Top 40 Albums of 2021 So Far (Part 2 of 2)”

New Playlist: April 2021

At long last, the Rosy Overdrive “songs I enjoyed listening to in April 2021, not necessarily released in April 2021 but obviously there’s a lot of overlap” overview has gone live. Featuring: plenty of songs from albums/EPs that I’ve already written about on this blog, new music from upcoming releases I hope to cover furtherContinue reading “New Playlist: April 2021”

Pressing Concerns: Eleventh Dream Day, ‘Since Grazed’

Release date: April 2nd (digital), August 7th (physical)Record label: Comedy Minus OneGenre: Indie goddamn rockFormats: Vinyl, digitalPull track: Since Grazed Eleventh Dream Day have carried on. They spawned from the 1980s indie underground in the surprisingly fertile musical hotbed of Louisville, Kentucky. They survived the nineties and its alt-rock major label gold rush, coming awayContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: Eleventh Dream Day, ‘Since Grazed’”