New Playlist: May 2022

Another monthly playlist is here! It’s a weird one! A lot of stuff from this year, of course, a few selections from 1980 (the year I’m currently digging into), and a good deal of miscellaneous songs! But they’re all good! The only band with multiple songs on the playlist this time around is this up-and-comingContinue reading “New Playlist: May 2022”

Pressing Concerns: SAVAK, Gorgeous Bully, Elephant Gym, Mace.

Pressing Concerns is back, and a day earlier than usual! It’s kind of an odds-and-ends week, as I look at some albums from the past month or so that I either missed initially or didn’t have time to get to earlier–specifically, new records from SAVAK, Gorgeous Bully, Elephant Gym, and Mace. If you’re looking forContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: SAVAK, Gorgeous Bully, Elephant Gym, Mace.”

New Playlist: April 2021

At long last, the Rosy Overdrive “songs I enjoyed listening to in April 2021, not necessarily released in April 2021 but obviously there’s a lot of overlap” overview has gone live. Featuring: plenty of songs from albums/EPs that I’ve already written about on this blog, new music from upcoming releases I hope to cover furtherContinue reading “New Playlist: April 2021”