Rosy Overdrive’s Favorite Reissues and Compilations of 2021

To wrap up 2021, Rosy Overdrive is looking back at some of its favorite reissues, compilations, and archival releases of the year. I’ve chosen sixteen to highlight here (as well as a few honorable mentions at the end); a few entries cover several albums’ worth of music. Because of the wide variety among these selections,Continue reading “Rosy Overdrive’s Favorite Reissues and Compilations of 2021”

New Playlist: March 2021

We’re back with two hours of nonstop hit singles that I enjoyed listening to over the last month. Most of these songs were either originally released or reissued this year, but there’s a bit of older music hidden down in there as well. For songs pulled from albums I’ve already written about, I’ve linked thoseContinue reading “New Playlist: March 2021”

Pressing Concerns: Stoner Control, 7-11 Jesus, Herzog, Snowhore

New Pressing Concerns, just in time for Bandcamp Friday! Today I talk about new albums from Stoner Control, 7-11 Jesus, and Herzog, as well as a reissue of Snowhore’s debut EP. It’s a smaller edition this time around, but I wanted to spotlight these four under-the-radar releases for the big Bandcamp holiday rather than holdingContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: Stoner Control, 7-11 Jesus, Herzog, Snowhore”