Rosy Overdrive’s Top 100 Albums of 2021 (100-76)

I don’t want to do a big preamble to the year-end list this time around. It’s long enough as it is. This year, it is 100 albums, ranked. 51 through 100 go up today (Monday, December 6th), and 1 through 50 will be posted the day after (Tuesday, 12/7). Thanks for reading. …Okay, fine. RosyContinue reading “Rosy Overdrive’s Top 100 Albums of 2021 (100-76)”

New Playlist: March 2021

We’re back with two hours of nonstop hit singles that I enjoyed listening to over the last month. Most of these songs were either originally released or reissued this year, but there’s a bit of older music hidden down in there as well. For songs pulled from albums I’ve already written about, I’ve linked thoseContinue reading “New Playlist: March 2021”

Pressing Concerns: Stoner Control, 7-11 Jesus, Herzog, Snowhore

New Pressing Concerns, just in time for Bandcamp Friday! Today I talk about new albums from Stoner Control, 7-11 Jesus, and Herzog, as well as a reissue of Snowhore’s debut EP. It’s a smaller edition this time around, but I wanted to spotlight these four under-the-radar releases for the big Bandcamp holiday rather than holdingContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: Stoner Control, 7-11 Jesus, Herzog, Snowhore”