My 1981 Listening Log (Part 1)

Back in January, I listened to one new-to-me album from 1997 every day for the entire month, and posted a few sentences about each one in the Rosy Overdrive Discord channel. When I was done, I cleaned it up a bit and put it on the blog, with a mention that I was planning onContinue reading “My 1981 Listening Log (Part 1)”

New Playlist: June 2021

The Rosy Overdrive Monthly Revue is back, with a (somewhat belated) rundown of songs old and (mostly) new that I thoroughly enjoyed in June! Even by the standards of these typically-unwieldy monthly playlist posts, this one feels extra long-winded to me. I took a week off to enjoy life and whatnot, and I had allContinue reading “New Playlist: June 2021”