Pressing Concerns: Kitner, Blunt Bangs, Nora Marks, Oscar Bait

Do you enjoy punk rock music? Because there’s quite a bit of it in the latest edition of Pressing Concerns. Today, we’re looking at brand new records from Kitner, Nora Marks, and Oscar Bait, as well as the Blunt Bangs album from a couple weeks ago (which is also the biggest genre outlier among theseContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: Kitner, Blunt Bangs, Nora Marks, Oscar Bait”

New Playlist: December 2020

It’s time to wrap up 2020, and I can think of no (literally not a single) better way to do so than to share the music I enjoyed in its final month. I spent this past December catching up on releases from earlier this year that I’d missed the first time around, listening to aContinue reading “New Playlist: December 2020”