New Playlist: September 2022

Welcome to the September edition of Rosy Overdrive’s monthly playlist! This month in particular was hard to whittle down to two hours–I wrote about 28 different records in Pressing Concerns over the past month, which probably had something to do with it. Emperor X and Mike Adams at His Honest Weight have three songs onContinue reading “New Playlist: September 2022”

Pressing Concerns: The Trend, Office Culture, Kolb, Coughing Dove

Alright, we’re doing two different Pressing Concerns issues this week again. It’s just how it is–how it’s gotta be, actually. The Tuesday one gives us new albums from The Trend, Office Culture, Kolb, and Coughing Dove. Will there be another one on Thursday? You bet. What will it cover? Well, just wait a couple ofContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: The Trend, Office Culture, Kolb, Coughing Dove”