Rosy Overdrive’s Top 100 Albums of 2022 (25-1)

Here it is! Rosy Overdrive’s 25 favorite albums of 2022, revealed today along with albums 50 through 26, and coming a day after albums 51 through 100. Needless to say, these are all great records. You simply can’t go wrong with any of them. It was a three-record race for number one; I’m satisfied withContinue reading “Rosy Overdrive’s Top 100 Albums of 2022 (25-1)”

New Playlist: October 2022

The October edition of the Rosy Overdrive playlist is here! For once, it’s actually being published in October, so, happy Halloween to you all. You’ll find a lot of great new music here, some already covered in Pressing Concerns, some not, as well as some archival selections (mainly from 1997). Idle Ray has three songsContinue reading “New Playlist: October 2022”

Pressing Concerns: Self Improvement, Jim Nothing, My Favorite, Corrosion.

There will be two Pressing Concerns again this week! You cannot stop it! This is a bit of an odds-and-ends one–we look at new albums from Jim Nothing and Corrosion., a new EP from My Favorite, and a cassette reissue of Self Improvement‘s debut record. A couple of housecleaning things: one, you may have noticedContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: Self Improvement, Jim Nothing, My Favorite, Corrosion.”