New Playlist: April 2022

Welcome to the April 2022 edition of the Rosy Overdrive playlist, which presents to you more than two hours’ worth of good, mostly new (but with some exceptions) music. Glad you could make it! Joyride!, Golden Boots, MJ Lenderman, and Sadurn get multiple songs on the playlist this time around (Oceanator and Allison Crutchfield alsoContinue reading “New Playlist: April 2022”

Pressing Concerns: Sonny Falls, Jeanines, Crime of Passing, ASkySoBlack

This week’s Pressing Concerns? New records from Sonny Falls, Jeanines, Crime of Passing, and ASkySoBlack, all of which have come out or will come out the week this post goes live. If you’re looking for more new music, you can browse previous editions of Pressing Concerns or visit the site directory. Sonny Falls – Stoned,Continue reading “Pressing Concerns: Sonny Falls, Jeanines, Crime of Passing, ASkySoBlack”