New Playlist: February 2023

Welcome, all, to the February 2023 edition of the Rosy Overdrive monthly playlist. While last month’s playlist didn’t yet feature all that much music from the new year, this month I dove into 2023’s new offerings with a vengeance. This is a great one in terms of brand-new songs, truly. I had to cut aContinue reading “New Playlist: February 2023”

Pressing Concerns: Blues Lawyer, koleżanka, Daily Worker, Spiral XP

Welcome to the second Pressing Concerns of the week! This one’s got new albums from Blues Lawyer, koleżanka, and Daily Worker, and a new EP from Spiral XP. If you’re looking for more new music, you can visit the site directory to see what else we’ve written about lately. If you’d like to support RosyContinue reading “Pressing Concerns: Blues Lawyer, koleżanka, Daily Worker, Spiral XP”